Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Steps For Making Cards
You Will Need:
  • A plain white card (C6)
  • Extra plain white card
  • 3D foam squares
  • Mulberry paper : natural, brown, dark and light blue
  • A selection of patterned paper (this particular design uses paper from the Sara Papers collection)
  • Scissors or a pen knife with cutting mat
  • Spray on glue (I used 3M's Spray Mount)
  • A pencil & ruler

Steps For Making This Card

  1. Lightly draw a grid onto your card in pencil. The card above has squares of approximately 3.5cm in length. There is also a top row of smaller rectangles.
  2. Tip: You can change the measurements to add more or less squares if you wish.
  3. Cut out two squares of the same size from the extra card you have.
  4. Hand-tear the paper into squares:
    • Brown, dark & light blue mulberry paper: tear 2 squares of each and 1 small rectangle (of each) for the top.
    • Natural mulberry, and patterned paper: tear 3 squares of each.
  5. Glue:
    • Spray glue the 2 (full) squares of light blue mulberry paper onto the two squares of card.
    • Carefully spray glue the other squares and the three smaller rectangles onto the grid (that you marked out on the folded C6 card in step 1). Pay special attention to which square you want overlapping the next.
  6. Tip: Start with gluing the patterned paper and natural mulberry paper squares.
  7. Stick some foam squares onto the back of the two square pieces of card and then stick the squares onto the remaining slots on your card.

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