Monday, 5 December 2011

How to Make Simple Greeting Cardsthumbnail


    • 1
      Cut a sheet of colored, letter-sized cardstock in half in either direction. Fold the long dimension of the cardstock in half to create the base of the greeting card that fits a commonly sized envelope. Set the card aside.
    • 2
      Use a stamped image as the focal point of the card.
      Apply ink to the image on a rubber stamp. Press the rubber stamp on a piece of colored paper to transfer the inked image. After the ink has dried, trim the stamped image to a size that will fit on the base of the card.
    • 3
      Cut a new piece of color-coordinated paper slightly larger than the stamped paper to act as a mat. With double-sided tape, adhere the stamped image onto the mat paper.
    • 4
      Cut a length of ribbon to use as an embellishment. The ribbon should be long enough to extend across the front of the matted image and wrap to the back. Attach the ends of the ribbon with tape to the back of the matted stack.
    • 5
      Tape the back of the matted image to the folded cardstock base, hiding the ends of the ribbon.
    • 6
      Add a handwritten sentiment or greeting to the intended recipient on the inside of the handmade card. The Card Maker's Little Helper provides a list of poems, verses and quotes for the final touch.

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